Free Initial Phone Consultation

Drew Belnap, MD will talk with you over the phone to answer any questions you may have and explain how IV Ketamine treatments can help you. See why psychiatrists and psychologists refer their patients to Dr. Belnap based on his high success rate and over 5 years of experience treating patients suffering from depression and anxiety with ketamine.

The phone consultation fee (paid prior to the phone call) will be credited towards your first treatment. The phone consultation fee is non-refundable if you decide not to go forward with treatment. Call 760-331-7735 today to schedule your Free Phone Consultation! 

Premium Clinic Services

Drew Belnap, MD provides a first class service for each of his patients and their family members. He personally spends at least 15 hours with each patient as he helps guide them through each ketamine treatment. A family member or friend is welcome to stay with the patient during the entire treatment process. 

Patients find it helpful to have Dr. Belnap in the room so they can ask any questions that may come up and check to see if what they are experiencing is typical. He is also there to help patients understand the benefits they are receiving. Sometimes the benefits are not so obvious to the patient. Dr. Belnap also helps each patient create a treatment plan that will help them maintain the benefits they get from ketamine.

Please submit your information on the form on this page (just to the right of this paragraph) or call 760-331-7735 to learn more about our premium services.   

Maintenance Treatments

The number of maintenance or booster treatments needed after the initial 6 treatments is hard to predict. It is usually based on the severity of the patient’s depression and anxiety at the beginning of the treatment. The timing of each maintenance treatment is based on the patient’s overall improvement after the initial 6 treatments. Based on our proven method of treatment, our patients typically require fewer booster or maintenance treatments than other clinics.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Ketamine Treatments?

Because the treatment of depression and other mood disorders with IV Ketamine is considered an “off label” treatment, most insurance carriers will not reimburse for the cost of the treatments.  Over 20% of the medical treatments physicians provide in the US are considered “off label.” We do not provide a “super bill” or participate with any insurance companies.