What is Depression?

Depression affects over 16 million people throughout the United States and is the most common psychiatric disorder worldwide.  Many people suffer the symptoms of this disorder without seeking help from a healthcare provider.  Clinical depression is more than just sadness experienced every day.  People experience profound symptoms that interfere with their ability to perform routine tasks.  Certain people may be more susceptible to developing this disorder based on their genetics, brain function, life stresses and circumstances.

Many individuals with depression are hesitant to seek treatment or simply don’t have access to it. The disorder can become a chronic disease if untreated. People who have experienced one episode of depression have a 50% risk of experiencing another episode in the future.

Those whose depression goes untreated experience a lower quality of life, a higher risk of suicide and worsening medical conditions besides depression.  It not only affects the person with the disorder, but also everyone around him or her.